Brock University Senate: Strip Garth Stevenson of His Professor Emeritus Title

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Garth Stevenson is a Professor Emeritus at Brock University, an honorary title bestowed by Brock University's Senate. A series of racist tweets by Garth have become widely publicized. A couple examples are listed below.

Brock's current Strategic Mandate Agreement with the Government of Ontario outlines their goal of targeted recruitment of Indigenous students. Brock has recently moved to create the position of Vice-Provost, Indigenous Engagement. On paper, Brock is showing a commitment to the Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. It's important for them to also take a stance against anti-Indigenous racism.

We ask the Brock University Senate to strip Garth Stevenson of his title of Professor Emeritus and to remove the privileges associated with this title. We also ask for Brock University to write a public statement explaining the importance of making this removing his title. 

TW: Anti-Indigenous Racism

Tweets by Garth Stevenson:

"The city of Victoria is removing the statue of Sir John A. Macdonald to appease some snivelling aboriginals who probably never did a day's work in their lives, and then they will hold some kind of pagan "cleansing and healing" ceremony whatever that means. I hate that city!"

"Fuck you Justin and fuck your "Indigenous" friends, who never even developed written languages or invented the wheel but are now acting as if they own this country. And it is people like you who give them these ideas."

"You son of a bitch I hope you die painfully. Who the hell do you think you are?"

"To hell with your cleansing, blessing and healing. The so-called first nations seem to be taking over this country and it will soon be unfit for civilized people to live in."