Change CHYS 2P15 for Next Semester

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Here are the issues that students who have signed this petition have with the course (not the instructor or the department) and look to be addressed

1. One of the goals of the course is to further develop students’ autonomy and professional capacity which is not occurring due to the influence of modules over placements;


2.  The excessive amount of work is not reasonable for those in CHYS and/or Concurrent Education who have to take 4-5 other courses;


3.      The modules are supposed to be uploaded on Monday’s, rather are released on days later in the week causing students unneeded stress to finish the modules without penalty;   


4.      The modules are redundant and fail to teach anything new and should be a monthly meeting as it was in 2013-2014. The 2013-14 CHYS 2P15 class met 6 times, 5 of which were content based meetings (September 6, October 11, November 15, January 17, February 14, and March 7) which is half the number of modules we need to do this year;

5.      The marking and feedback for the modules are generic to all students, do not offer ways to improve our grades in future modules and are not given in a timely matter;

6.      The syllabus states that by the end of this course students will have developed and applied the following: an understanding of the use and impact of servicelearning within practicum contexts; the application of various theories and methodologies as drawn from multidisciplinary perspectives; an appreciation of the links and gaps between theory and practice; an appreciation of the value of knowledge and its limitations; and the ability to engage in self-reflection and metacognitive analysis. Which, half way through the year, are not being received by students as a result of the required modules and reflections;   

7.      This course counts as a HALF credit although it is a full year course and has the workload of one as well;

8.      The excessive reflecting in the course causes students to disengage from placements and fails to enhance student learning through field application as the course looks to achieve (based on what is outlined in the syllabus);

9.      The term assignment is a repetition of all modules and reflections already done thus far in the course and is redundant;

10.  For second semester these changes must be made. The journal on the module should be eliminated; if we are required to do CLIO, then placement reflections should be eliminated; the module reflections should follow original guidelines of 500-1000 words and we should not be forced to write up to 2000 in order to get a better mark; feedback needs to be given a week before the next module is due, not 3 days as it has been thus far; nor should the feedback be generic and the same as prior weeks; completing the course should achieve students a FULL credit; the modules should be restricted to once a month; and an emphasis on fostering skills and relationships through SERVICE-LEARNING placements is required rather than through lecture style modules. 

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