Change all Canadian University classes to online due to COVID-19

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On March 11th, 2020, the WHO (World Health Organization) declared the novel coronavirus a pandemic. The virus, as estimated by WHO, has a 3.4% mortality rate and is quickly spreading itself around the globe. Canada currently has over 100 cases. To put this into perspective, just 2 weeks ago (February 28th) the U.S. had just confirmed it's 64th case of illness. Well, the U.S. government was slow to take action and they now have over 1400 cases. These numbers are expected to increase astronomically and if we don't do anything about it soon, Canada could be in the same problem as countries like Italy and China.

Recently today, Ontario announced that it was closings schools to prevent the spread of the pandemic. So why haven't Ontario Universities followed in these footsteps?

The WHO recommends staying at least 1 meter apart from others to avoid infection. But in lectures with hundreds of students sitting tightly crammed next to each other one can see how the virus would spread from person to person very easily. So in a day and age where online courses are possible, why are we risking the spread of this pandemic? It seems like an easy way to slow the infection nationwide and save many lives but we need to take swift and aggressive action.

Sign this petition to:

1. Encourage the switch to online courses at Canadian universities

2. Cancel lectures where community transmission of COVID-19 is indefinite