Accessible bus system for university students in the summer

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Many students remain in St. Catharines during the summer months due to various reasons such as summer classes, a full time job or maintaining 12 month leases that many students are under in living off campus. It is extremely unfair and very unacommodating to have to pay for a bus system that does not thoroughly run during these months as it is both inconvenient and VERY costly. Niagara college, along with several other post-secondary institutions have figured out a way to meet the needs of their students by providing a year round effective student card/bus pass, and Brock can most certainly do the same. We students believe that Brock as a institution needs to be more realistic and more sensitive to the realities of their students. The transits only last for an hour and depending on the distance due to valid reasons such as a job, the commute for many students requires more than one bus ;a round trip could costs an average of $10/day with $6 being the least amount required to go out and come back on one(1) bus. Change in the card system will lighten the load for students and allow them to make more of their summer months by granting accessibility.