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Broadstreet Properties fails to properly notify tenants about, or eradicate, cockroaches.

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Broadstreet Properties Ltd. is advertising, and renting, "brand new" apartment units that are infested with cockroaches. 

I wonder if they'll tell you. They didn't tell us.  

In or around March, 2017 my parents and I moved in to two separate units at Cornerston at Callaghan, Edmonton, Alberta, which is owned and managed by Broadstreet Properties Ltd..

Within weeks weeks we had our first notice of pesticide spray, for cockroaches. 

Interesting enough, I had to sign a waiver advising I wouldn't bring pests into the building. Little did I know they were already there. 

My family and I chose to move to this building because my father is gravely ill, and requires monitoring. My mother also recently suffered a heart attack. 

Since we've moved in my parents and I have had to pack up their apartment at least four times for spraying, and my own unit has been packed and sprayed at least twice. Each time I have been personally sick from the spray, and my already ill father becomes worse. However, Broadstreet will not commit to ensuring this problem is resolved once and for all. 

Instead, they force us to live in unusable premises, and refuse to cover the costs of our temporary relocation when they do spray. They know we can't use part of the unit. They know we can't visit family and friends -- or have family or friends visit us -- for fear that we will spread the infestation. And they know we can't even move since we'd only bring the problem with us. 

It gets better... Not only are they doing this to us, but they have moved other people into the building full well knowing there are cockroaches. This includes families with children, and pets. Since they made such a fuss about pests when I moved in, I wonder if they've told the new tenants? 

We need to make Broadstreet accountable for their buildings. Spraying individual units, or small clusters of units, is not only ineffective, but intrusive, and exhausting.

Why should they be able to reap the benefits of rent that (in our case) exceeds $15,000.00/annum, when their tenants are forced to live on fast food (because they cannot use the counters since you're not allowed to wash them for four weeks after spraying), cannot put away dishes since cockroaches may be walking all over them, and cannot sleep, when cockroaches may be living in the bed?

They must be forced to disclose which buildings have pests and the type of pests they have before renting. They should also be forced to reduce or eliminate rental fees until the pests have been fully resolved

The purpose of this petition is to bring it to Broadstreet's attention: to let them know that current, and prospective, tenants will not stand to live in, or pay for, a cockroach infested building.

If we win, we will save children, pets, and seniors, from the many diseases cockroaches carry. If we lose, then yet another corporation thrives on the misfortune of others -- while their tenants end up sick from diseased cockroaches or ongoing pesticide treatment, broke from having to move and from buying all new furniture, and fearful of taking the cockroaches with them wherever they go. 

Please help us win. 

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