Remove Sunken Houseboat Wreck From Norfolk Broads

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Miles Weston
Miles Weston signed this petition

In November 2018 a houseboat was sunk on a navigation channel on the River Ant adjacent to Sutton Broad.

The owner of the vessel has abandoned the vessel and made no attempt to have it recovered.

He has effectively fly tipped on the Norfolk Broads and never been held accountable.

The Broads Authority has made no attempt to remove the wreck either.

The wreck continues to be a navigation hazard as it slowly breaks up over the period of time it has remained there. 2018, 2019 and 2020.

The Broads Authority claim it is not a navigation hazard which is absolute lunacy as it blocks an area frequently used by boaters to wild moor.

Regardless of the Broads Authority's justification for not moving the eyesore, the wreck does not belong on the Norfolk Broads.

I start this petition to urge the Broads Authority to remove this disgusting navigation hazard.

Furthermore hold the owner of the wreck responsible for the costs and also the acts of fly tipping on the Norfolk Broads.