Assistance Animals Equity Australia - making the laws more inclusive

Assistance Animals Equity Australia - making the laws more inclusive

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Why this petition matters

Started by Nicole Lehmann

I'm proposing a broadening of current rules for Assistance Animal licencing, specifically to allow the granting of a licence, for people with a disability/psychiatric condition, to carry an animal in a secure and enclosed container without the need for it to undergo behavioural training.

Current rules for Assistance Animals require they undergo behavioural training before a licence is issued. When investigating this option, I have found that this training is prohibitively expensive, and qualified trainers are hard to find within a reasonable distance. I believe that these two factors are particularly impactful for a person with either a disability or psychiatric condition, acting as an impediment to achieving the outcomes of this important initiative. 

More specifically, my proposal is that the current rules for licencing of Assistance Animals be broadened to allow a ‘restricted’ licence for animals to be carried in a secure and enclosed container when in public areas, such as on public transport and in shopping centres. This could be achieved through the introduction of an additional, ‘restricted’ licence for Assistance Animals who have not undergone intensive behavioural training. This could be regarded as a ‘Provisional’ licence, similar to the way that P Plate drivers have limitations on their ability to operate a car.

I understand that there are risk considerations, and believe that the requirement for the animal to be kept in a secure and enclosed container negates any reasonable risk to the public. Consequently, this means that there is no reasonable need for intensive behavioural training as the animal is required to be appropriately and humanely restrained.

In my case, I have a 13-year-old dog who is a wonderful companion and gives me strength and love. I have medical support for her benefits to me and I take her everywhere I can. However, the current Assistance Animal rules impact significantly on this and, at my dog’s age, there is no way she would pass the required training. 

I am currently contacting various Ministers and Charity Organisations but your support is greatly appreciated.


1,664 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!