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Increase broadband speed

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India, the world's third-largest Internet user-base with over 137 million users is deprived of one of the most basic necessities for internet usage, speed. While the rest of the world has set a standard of 17.1 Mbps download speed, it will be a shame to call lagging behind, more like crawling or even better remaining stagnant with 1 Mbps average speed.

The leader of BRIC nations, one of the fastest growing economies in the world where in more than 1 billion people live. It is not like we aren't paying for our services, in the US you get speeds like 50 Mbps for like 20$ and what we get for 20$ in India? Upto 1 Mbps? Which means it might clock in at 1 Mbps at times but most of the times it will remain at 750-900 kbps. And with these speeds you can't even watch a youtube video in 480p resolution without buffering.

Make no mistake people, we are living in information age. But the internet speeds in our nation reminds us that we haven't even surpassed black age. A study has shown that it is India which has reduced the world average speed of the internet to 17.1 Mbps which should have been 22-25 Mbps if our service providers gave us the real service for which we are paying them. What hurts even more is we all know about this whole scenario, we all know how pathetic our Internet Service Providers are who are enthusiastic about eating money from you but their enthusiasm ends right there when you give them the money which they demands which I would like to point out is not based on any criteria or world standards, they not only are not bothered about their services, they don't even care about through what all plights you, their supposed to be beloved customers have to go through, yet we don't do anything to make this change. Shame on us fellow internet users.

Time to wake up. We can't let this go on. Let's fight for our rights. Let's bring in change. Let's spread the word and remind ourselves and our compatriots what we are missing.

Jai Hind!

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