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Tell Governor Scott that chronic pain is real and that his opioid stipulations are unfair.

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Dear Governor Scott,
My mother had an extensive surgery in March of 2016. It was and still is the only surgery of its kind. It was performed by Dr. Hirschl, a renowned neuro surgeon, who is apart of SHANDS at ORMC in Orlando, FL. It was a 14 hour surgery with a high risk of death, paralysis, coma, inability to ever breathe without a machine, etc. In the words of Dr. Hirschl, it was a medical miracle that she survived this surgery and that she no longer has spinal cord compression. While she no longer has neuro symptoms, she is in extreme debilitating pain. This pain haunts her every minute of every day. She is on the minimum amount of opioids that she can take (prescribed by her pain clinic) to get by. Despite this high dose of medication, she suffers every minute of everyday. If you look at her back without a shirt, you will see layers of burn marks from laying on a heating pad, at too hot of a heat setting, every day to try and curb the pain. The pain from this surgery affects her quality of life. We've tried acupuncture, massage, physical therapy, and the list goes on. Nothing can lower her pain enough to improve her quality of life. If you look at her MRI you will not question this. She has had several vertebrae removed, and her neck and upper back are made almost entirely of metal. She has no movement of her head or neck whatsover. She visibly has bolts and screws that stick out of her bony body. Please when you are making this deicision to make opioids a three day prescription, remember those who have chronic pain. She cannot live without her pain medication. Not because she is some drug abuser. But because she has a very serious CHRONIC medical condition following a very extensive one of a kind surgery that has left her crippled. The amount of pain she experiences everyday with pain medication is so great, she could not live without it. Please do not do this to her. Do not to this to the thousands of people who are barely getting by because they have documented, chronic pain. Consider those who need opioid pain medication to get by. My mom doesn't want to take pain pills. She doesn't want to be in pain. She wishes none of this ever happened and she could live a normal life. But she can't. Don't take away the only thing making her pain somewhat manageable to live through. Chronic pain is real. The cost of co-pays for three day supplies of medication is going to be a financial burden for many. Governor Scott says a 7 day supply will be allowed for extenuating circumstances. At best, those with chronic pain will have prescriptions for a maximum of 7 days if further criteria is met. This is going to affect more people than just those with chronic pain. Those receiving palliative care, those in hospice, people with cancer, etc., are going to be affected. In addition to a financial burden of constant doctors visits and medication copays, the physical burden, of endless trips, for those and their caretakers will be just as unfair. 

Please sign this petition so that Governor Scott will consider those who are in chronic pain when he attempts to make changes to opioid prescriptions, limiting them to only 3 days. 

Thank you.


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