Justice for Brittany Higgins

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Brittany Higgins, a former staffer has spoken up about being allegedly raped at Parliament House by a colleague. This egregious story highlights, yet again, the toxic culture that gives men with power inside the Parliament, an extra level of immunity. The story also highlights the lack of protection available for staffers when these incidents involve ministers. 

Further-too, making complaints about bullying or sexual assault shouldn’t have to be a high-stakes decision, that could potentially lead to an individual losing their job. 

I’m calling on the government to establish an independent mechanism for handling workplace allegations, especially around sexual harassment and sexual assault. They need to establish a system for victims to report misconduct and seek help without the fear of job loss.

These rape cases can’t just be huge scandals splattered across TV channels and newspapers for a few days after which no changes take place.
More than a workplace standards review, there needs to be an acknowledgement by Ministers at the top that there is an urgent need for culture change within the parliament. Our top leaders need to stop protecting people with whom they are politically aligned, at the cost of staffers well-being. 

The Parliament House is a place where elected officials gather to represent the Australian people and our values. It must be held to the highest standards of workplace safety, especially for women. Please sign and share this petition demanding our leaders to take a hard look at how their parties function, and do better.