Justice for Brittany Higgins

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The alleged assault of Brittany Higgins and four more women

Hello petition signers,

FOUR women have now come forward with claims of harassment and sexual assault inflicted by the same senior colleague who is accused of raping Brittany Higgins. To say I'm incensed by the way this story continues to unfold, is an understatement, and it ultimately begs the question, how many people knew of these incidents as they happened, but failed to do anything about them?!

We are only just beginning to scratch the surface of this national workplace safety crisis. I’m asking you to please share the petition because with more signatures and more attention, we can instigate the change we’d like to see. We want the government to establish an independent mechanism for handling workplace allegations especially around sexual harassment and sexual assault. We need a system where victims can report misconduct and seek help, without the fear of job loss!

As a victim of sexual assault, I know the pain all too well. No person should have to experience this trauma, let alone be kept in the dark and hand-balled around by colleagues and departments because of it. In 2021 these events are simply unacceptable.

Together, we will make progress and ensure a safe workplace, especially for women. Please keep sharing the petition.


Thank you,

Amelia J. S, petitioner.

Amelia J. S
2 months ago