Give us answers after gross failings at Brighton Station during Brighton Pride

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On the evening of the 4th August following the Brighton Pride celebrations thousands of passengers were shut out of Brighton Station. Many were pushed and  crushed in dangerous scenes due to lack of planning and preparation.

There was no information from station staff or British Transport Police so many passengers unnecessarily missed trains and were stranded overnight. There were no crowd control or queuing systems put in place. No presence from Brighton Pride organizers or staff.

The crowd numbers could easily have been foreseen and yet it seemed to surprise British Transport Police and station staff who could not handle the crowds effectively.

This resulted in many trains leaving the station less than half full. On a busy evening with no extra services this is simply unacceptable.

We are calling on all involved parties to offer an explanation as to why there were no queueing measures or crowd control fencing put in place. We would like to know exactly what was planned. We would like to know what compensation will be offered to stranded passengers and to those who managed to catch a train but were subjected to the distressing situations outside the station. We would like to know what will be changed for next year. The rail companies must be held accountable. They took thousands in extra revenue that day but failed their passengers on returning home. If this were a football match there would have been extra security and extra staff but for Pride this was not the case. Why?