Stop retailers from selling fireworks in their stores

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Pets have been a lifeline for millions of people this year. They have been a source of comfort and companionship, they’ve motivated us to get moving, and they’ve lifted our spirits during the most difficult of times. 
Now fireworks season is around the corner — many owners are reluctantly preparing themselves to watch on helplessly as their pets suffer psychological distress from the indiscriminate bangs and flashes from fireworks displays. Sadly, some are even likely to end up injured or missing as a result. 
The UK’s wildlife and livestock will also be traumatised, as they are every year. 
That’s not to mention the terrible impact fireworks, and the cocktail of chemicals they contain, have on the environment. 
As organised local fireworks displays are likely to be cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, more people will look to hold their own private displays using fireworks bought from your stores. This will lead to even greater risk than in previous years. 
We call on you to stop the sale of fireworks in your stores to prevent all of this.  
We know most pet owners would welcome this. In our recent poll 83% of respondents supported this move. 
There’s no doubt that the country deserves some joy. But the momentary lift fireworks will give us simply doesn't compare to the misery and suffering it will cause millions of animals. 
During the pandemic, you have worked tirelessly to keep the country moving and you deserve respect for your service and dedication. 
As you continue the honourable task of keeping the nation fed, we kindly ask you to help keep the nation's pets safe too. 
Please consider banning the sale of fireworks in your stores.