Please Save Thomas Cook Airlines

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Aren’t we all shocked and depressed with the news of Thomas Cook airline fleet collapse? Why? Because this British brand has been in existence for almost 178 years. The founder of this popular brand is a British cabinet maker and a former Baptist preacher, whose main idea for starting this local excursions was to offer working class people a form of educational entertainment to sway and divert their attention from drinking which he saw as the root of ‘Victorian social ills’, to quote him. This forward thinking British called it a social idea.

I am sure in the past century many airlines have gone bankrupt, but none is felt around the globe than that of the British brand Thomas Cook. The travel world is in panic mode since this heartbreaking announcement as Thomas Cook is tied to many tourist destinations around the world. Countries that rely on tourism are going to be suddenly economically bankrupt creating a negative ripple effect on poverty

The news of this British airline collapse is like a hurricane warning in the area. We understand the company has changed few hands in ownership that are not British, but Thomas Cook is the most famous and positive brand of Great Britain. It is a shame to let this global brand die. As we grapple with this sudden emotional feeling of loss for  many people and the world engulfed in sadness for the demise of this lovely British brand. Mr. Cook must be turning in his grave as modern economics shoved this beautiful idea that has brought the world together not just as a travel agency but a global family interconnection vehicle.

I dub it the Gelleh-Gelleh  of British air travel. ( Gelleh- Gelleh is a name given to public van service in Africa that is reliable and affordable ground transportation for communities) We all look forward to receiving family and friends travelling around the globe with Thomas Cook.It meant a safe secure, reliable and affordable air transportation for the common people.

As an activist what quickly comes to mind is how do we save Thomas Cook, this sweet brand of British airline travel. Please help save Thomas Cook. Let’s plead to England and world businesses public and private. Please save Thomas Cook.

Fatou Jaw Manneh


Gambian American

Washington, DC


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