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Greater Cambridge: Secede from the United Kingdom and Stay In the EU

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On the 23rd of June Cambridge, and the greater Cambridge area, covered by the district councils of Cambridge City and South Cambridgeshire, voted overwhelmingly to stay in the European Union. 

This result was not replicated across the UK.

The entire economy of the Greater Cambridgeshire is reliant upon the University of Cambridge, high tech science and technology industries, and allied professional services firms. These firms and industries rely upon being inside the EU to operate at a competitive level.

This can not be put at risk by the Referendum result. 

We, the people of Greater Cambridge hereby petition the UK government to give Cambridge the opportunity to secede from the United Kingdom via a referendum, and remain inside the European Union as a separate city-state. 

Arrangements with the United Kingdom could be worked out via a bilateral treaty similar to the Anglo-Irish agreements following secession. 

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