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Stop the BMC from re-branding!

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Please sign this petition to pressure the BMC into cancelling its planned   re-branding. 

The BMC has a long a historic tradition of protecting Climbers and hill walkers rights to access and great opportunities within the UK and abroad. Their name is synonymous with prestige and integrity and is widely respected around the world. Why would you choose to change this so well known 'brand' when you have spent so long building it into what it is today. All around the world countries have, and still use the 'Mountaineering Council / Club'  to define a group of people who enjoy the mountains; therefore is it not somewhat crass for the BMC to say that it "doesn’t quite cut it these days.".

I think the word Mountaineering to many people would mean all the skills that you might use in a mountain landscape. These would include scrambling, hill walking, ice climbing, rock climbing and navigation. The word 'climb' has a much smaller remit and is just not as versatile and well used in the world as Mountaineering.  

Although the BMC is defined as a company I believe that the majority of it's members see it as more of a union of people who together command the power to be able to gain favourable rates on insurance, goods and services, protection of its members rights and many more things. The move towards the "Climb Britain" branding seems to be a move towards a more corporate and insular organisation who will simply be selling services to it members and forgetting about the important stewardship roles which they play in the climbing and hill walking communities. The BMC does not need to change its brand to attract corporate sponsorship. Companies should accept it's values and invest upon this grounding without the BMC having to bend itself to fit what they want.

I'd also like to point out the divisive nature of this recent decision in the fact that the BMC presence in Wales will now be known as Climb Cymru. I think this is short sighted as surely we are all stronger under one name which covers all countries and communicates as one voice. 



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