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“Allow James Bell to be buried, let him rest in peace and release his body"

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James Bell, a beloved husband and father recently passed away in Kenya. This wasn't an unexpected death, he had a terminal illness and he wanted to pass away in a country that he very much loved, surrounded by his family.  Upon his death which occurred at his home, his  body was kept in the mortuary and not released for burial.There have been a lot of conflicting information given to his wife who is a dual citizen of both Kenya and Britain, one of which was that his biological children and not his adopted children were required to confirm their awareness of his death, with the death certificate and divorce certificate of his previous marriage (nearly 40 years ago) also required.

 Speaking to the British high commission office in Kenya has yielded no results, with the person who we spoke to (Ann Mwangi) being very dismissive of the case and stating that she even knew of a woman whose body had been held for 7 years! I cannot verify this, but it seemed very callous of her to mention this so casually that these things happen in Kenya, and that the best way to speed up the process was using bribery a route we adamantly refuse to take.We have provided the commission office with letters from the G.P here in England, showing that he did indeed have a terminal illness, and there was nothing medically that could be done apart from him enjoying his few months with family. Throughout all this, we were able to contact the commonwealth office and two amazing individuals (Aisha and Matt) helped us and drafted a letter, which has also been dismissed.

 Our mother was his wife of many years, and his next of kin, we have been the only family he has known for a long time and yet this is not relevant to the British High Commission, all we want is closure, and a chance to lay rest a man that brought life and joy and laughter to all who knew him. Yet this basic human right, to bury our father, is something that we are been denied. Our hope with this petition is that another month does not go by without him been laid to rest, it is adding stress to an already distressing situation, and I hope that this can be resolved quickly.

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