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Lift Louis Smith's ban

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Louis Smith is undoubtedly one of Britain's best athletes currently. With numerous medals (including four Olympic ones), records & an MBE to his name, Smith's talent as an athlete is undeniable. However, British Gymnastics have given him a two month ban from sport altogether. Why you may ask? He released a video where he and retired gymnast Luke Carson allegedly mocked Islam (

This is utterly absurd. Firstly, regardless of whether he was mocking Islam or not, why does that constitute a ban? It is not illegal nor is it wrong to criticise or mock any religion, especially since this is meant to be a democratic country. Not to mention, he and his friend were clearly joking and meant no harm or offence by his actions, something that was reflected by how he subsequently apologised for his behaviour.

As such, it seems ridiculous to ban Smith after such actions, especially considering all he has contributed to British sport throughout his career. This is an injustice and it's time we act against it.

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