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Let's teach kids about Mental Illness

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 How come we learn so much about other places in the world in school and E-Safety and now our OWN minds!

Thousand of teenagers and Kids suffer from Depression,Anxiety,Self Harm,Eating Disorders and loads more.But we NEVER actually learn about it and look at the in's and out's of Mental Health Illnesses and one assembly Is NOT enough!

I go through this personally and understand this needs to change as mental health is made to be a 'taboo' subject but it's not.

Kids SUFFER and SUFFER and their friends don't know why and how to help.People look at somebodys self harm and judge,someone is low they are a 'freak' 'anti-social'.Most teens don't know that anxiety can have PHYSICAL effects and make you  collapse,ill,dizzy,stomach hurt,headache and more.

Depression doesn't just go and nobody is faking they are seeking help in what ever way they can!So let's help and SIGN this to make sure this becomes and IMPORTANT in schools and let's change Mental Health for the best!!!! 


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