Introduce cash-dispensing recycling machines in all of Britain

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"Reverse-vending-machines" earn people money for used recyclables.  People can get extra money by allowing stores to "buy back" materials, in turn leading to less litter being dumped and people recycling more.

Many other countries use them extensively, giving cash in return for any cans, bottles, etc.  In Britain, they are slowly catching on, but, alas, slowly is very much the word.  Supermarkets in Britain seem more interested in giving coupons towards your next shop and many will only accept their own brands of bottles, needing to scan a bar-code to make sure the machine will accept them.  This petition aims for Britain to follow suit of other countries, giving cold, hard cash that can be used anywhere, for cans or bottles from anywhere. 

  There are so many places where items such as glass, plastic bottles and metal cans have been dumped and there is no incentive for people to clean them up.  With cash-dispesning recycling machines that accept any cans or bottles, there would be.  People can also earn themselves extra money by collecting recyclables and feeding them to these machines, helping people to help themselves; in many other countries that have them, homeless people earn much of their income through doing this.  Though Britain's state welfare arguably goes a lot further than many other countries, people need all the help they can get and state welfare and these machines should by no means be mutually exclusive.