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I was Illegally Microchiped whiles in police custody and no one is helping.

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In January 2016 I was arrested having had my drink spiked by who I believe is an agent of the British secret service. The drug had an adverse affect on me causing me to be arrested, I was taken to my local hospital (North Middlesex Hospital) then transferred to a secure medical fertility –St Anne’s Hospital, ( I was placed in a secured cell at this facility)
I was deliberately allowed to escape.
Having escaped with there assistance I contacted the police who rearrested me and taken me to Wood Green police station.
Whiles there under arrested I was offered sedative which I accepted.

I was taken to a cell and must have fallen asleep at some point, because I became aware that I was a woken whilst I was being placed back in the cell and saw at least 3 officers dressed in blue backing away, they was not in uniform.

I believe at this point they may had already placed an implant into my right ear.
I was then transferred to a metal facility – I believe this was to observe me.
I was held for a few days before been released. At this point I had no suspicions of the implant/forging body.
I believed they used the time whiles in hospital to rewire my house for MIND CONTROL.
As I am experiencing ring in my ears and hair loss in one Pacific which I believed was caused by the use of electromagnetic radiation or microwave which I have not experienced previous before January 2016.

I believe They would use V2K (voice to skull) and horoscope encrypted messages, email to inform me of the mission ahead.

I believe I was mind controlled and is tortured with the use of electronic. weapon around Europe Milan, Budapest,Germany, Rome, Prague, Barcelona, then to finally to American on the 24th of June 2016 by the CIA and Mi6.
Having been tortured to America! I discovered that my mission was to KILL DONALD TRUMP during his per election rally. While in New York I was giving money to travel via couch across America but I took this money to return home.
I am been tortured to kill.

A CT scan was conducted and I saw the device in my inner ear and possible around my body.
Having obtained a copy of this scan, it was edited to show no anomaly.

I would like to go to Russian to have my head examine, assistance, protection to have this device removed from my inner ear canal.
I am under 24hr surveillance and my iPhone is controlled by them.

*I have been to Russian and recently to have toxicology test conducted. They have showed up toxic heavy metals in my blood and hair.
I am been covertly drugged with mind altering substances because I am seeking help.

The SIA is now planning a terrorist attack on America with the use of a suicide bomber, I believe they are trying to mind control me into committing this hurendus act again humanity. This secret government must be stoped.

I am been mind controlled by the British government with the use of electromagnetic, radio waves, implant.


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