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*Amid rising ethnic tensions in Sri Lanka for last 5 days*

Sri Lankans living in the UK fear loss of lives of families and friends 

Fear of bloodshed in Sri Lanka is growing after violent clashes between ethnic groups of Buddhists and Muslims and a hardening of divisive rhetoric following the involvement of the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) on Monday 5th March 2018.

A Muslim boy’s body was found burnt inside his shop which was targeted yesterday morning as discovered early this morning. It is clear that leading politicians are not making any effort to lower tensions which have considerably increased within the past 24 hours. The videos shared on social media show the riots destroying and burning hundreds of houses, properties and more than 160 shops. Nine mosques were damaged and disrespected.
In 2014, more than a thousand people lost their properties during the Aluthgama violence which ceased after international pressure. A few days ago, the violence began in Ampara where a mosque was damaged due to a false allegation made by a Buddhist group on a Muslim shop regarding medicines. It seems that some Buddhist groups are looking for opportunities to attack on Muslim minorities in Sri Lankan and this has deteriorated in the past 24 hours.

Police failed to take necessary actions to protect the poor neighbourhood of Kandy early on Monday morning. Fighting involving gangs armed with stones, and other weapons continues. Several businesses were burnt down and some people were injured. Residents of Kandy are now living in fear. They are hoping that “the Sri Lankan government will sort everything out so they can go back to their normal lives.”

The Sri Lankans living in Leicester fear the worst for their loved ones who effected in this systematic violence against the law abiding their close families and friends. We, the Sri Lankan Muslims living in Leicester City urge our politicians to take necessary steps to stop the continue violation of the basics rights of the Sri Lankan citizens.
The Sri Lankan Muslim Society UK