Close schools due to Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

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So we all know about the Coronavirus outbreak. We know how deadly it is and the amount of people affected by it. Schools are public places it would potentially be a perfect place for the Coronavirus to spread. And everyone may use the public toilets in school and as children may not know the risks and dangers and even how not to spread it which is a big danger to all.

It has reached over 100,000 cases at this moment of time 3 people have died in Britain. According to an anonymous source 1 in 6 people could get it. And in various religions people have to have physical contact so closing schools and homeschooling would be essential. And in the US and Italy have made a good decision to close down their schools. 

Even the health minister tested positive for clothe Coronavirus so there’s no escaping it so we need to at least reduce the risks of getting it. And this is technically a basic human right to feel safe at school but knowing that kids can’t feel safe shaking there hands with their friends are quite dumb. And we can homeschool like what China is doing using some app so people can’t miss out on their education. Who says we can’t do the same. So sign this petition to feel safe at home.