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Science Museum Group funded to keep all 4 museums open and free

The Science Museums Group (Science Museum, National Media Museum, Museum of Science & Industry and National Railway Museum) must be funded to keep all four museums open and free.
These museums collate our country’s glorious heritage, our societies’ endeavours and our species’ future.
The museums are at the heart of their communities. Were they to be destroyed, they would leave gaping wounds, cultural voids and yawning holes where there were beacons of light for education, society and the human spirit.
The museums draw vast numbers of people into their respective cities: imagine the loss of self-worth, loss of visitors, and damage to the local economy were Bradford, York or Manchester to lose their vital institution.
The museums are, first and foremost, inspirations to thousands. The cost of these museums can be calculated, but not their worth: the victims, the true victims, will be our children – where will our next generation of Brunels, Berners-Lees and Newtons draw their inspiration, develop their passions and glory in the advances of our nation?
Do not close any of the Science Museums.
Do not start charging for any of the Science Museums.
Do not reduce funding for the Science Museums.

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