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Tell The British Darts Organization To Show Same Respect To Their Women Stars As The Men

The Women Stars of the BDO are some of the most recognized and cheered for in the darting world and they play a high standard of darts and yet play laughably short matches and stunningly less prize money.

The women are as dedicated and work as hard as the men to be ready to compete.  In fact the second highest recorded finish this year (2016) was by a woman.

Players like Trina Guilliver MBE and Deta Hedman are not just popular players but legitimate LEGENDS of the game.

In fact not only has Trina been honoured  by the Crown for her dedication to darts, she has also won 10 championships.  That is second only to Phil Taylor.  

Does it seem fair that she gets less for a championship than a runner up in the men's category playing in his first year?

If the Women are shown the same respect (and motivation) as the men, then that can only help the BDO (and darts world-wide) grow, as more girls would be encouraged to get involved in darts.

More to the point, this is 2016 and there should be no reason or excuse to not show the women the same respect!!

Please encourage the British Darts Organization to do the right thing!!  

Thank you!! 

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