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British Crown: 1) Honour treaties with First Nations 2) Revoke C-45

This petition calls on the British Crown to honour the treaties it signed with the sovereign First Nations by revoking 'royal assent' for the 8 illegitimate treaty destruction bills. The British Crown should also consider immediately sacking the Prime Minister and Governor General.

These omnibus bills undermine sovereign treaties. Such actions are very difficult to not to be considered acts of aggression. If they are given royal assent by the Crown's representative, this colonial, unilateral and paternalistic legislation would open the way for a handful of multinational-corporations in the oil, nuclear and gas industries to tear up First Nations rights and land for their profit. Such destruction will effect us all.

Brothers and sisters across the world please join us in insisting the British Crown honours its treaties by refusing the 8 illegitimate treaty destruction bills.

Sign this petition, also, to send a message of solidarity to all indigenous peoples in their struggles with ongoing colonialism.

*Click here for more information on the bills.

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