Anmore demands that BC Hydro's new and old high-powered transmission lines go underground

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BC Hydro's final decision:

BC Hydro made its final decision to go ahead with their "Metro North Transmission Project" through Anmore and Belcarra into Burnaby and Vancouver, ignoring all communities inputs and concerns raised over the past year, to stick to their original-unchanged plans to boost their net-profit and construct additional "overhead" high-powered transmission lines through private 1-acre properties in Anmore and through Parklands in Belcarra starting in 2018.


BC Hydro's misleading Strategies:

BC Hydro is continuously pushing ahead its MNT-project with hiding data, misleading the public, presenting wrong data in the wrong context in order to cover up health risks and financial losses in many affected property values.


BC Hydro is further ignoring:

- The facts of many known health risks and many serious concerns of affected residents;

- The fact that the maximum emission right under these types of high-powered transmission lines is about 190-200 mG worldwide, and about 170 mG currently in Anmore - BUT, BC Hydro states safe 2,000 mG emissions for their future project;

- The fact that single pulses of 2,000mG applied to the human brain for just a few seconds activates local brain areas, a technique called TMS or Trans-Magnetic-Stimulation, AND the fact that long-term stimulation of 2,000mG for a few minutes per day, once a week, over a few months changes the human brain's cognitive network (used for clinical intervention). A permanent stimulation of 2,000mG, 24/7 over a few months will probably be deadly based on the expertise of one petition-lead, a renowned world-expert in neuroscience;

- The fact that the Toronto Public Health Report (2008) states risks for long-term health effects with above 1mG constant long-term emissions (living close to power lines), AND with average levels of 3-4 mG, a doubling risk of childhood leukemia (related to reports of the US National Institutes of Health NIH and the WHO International Agency for Research on Cancer IARC in 2002);

- The fact that one child recently died of child-leukemia, who has been living adjacent to the high-power lines in Anmore;

- The fact that at least 2 adults were recently diagnosed with cancer and others suffer major health issues also living adjacent to the high-power lines in Anmore (only through personal communication, without assessment);

- The fact of up to 30% losses in individual property values adjacent to high-powered lines according to the Wall Street Journal, affecting up to 140 homes in Anmore alone (or up to ~$100M of total private financial losses);

- The fact that BC Hydro is obsessively insisting in their outdated Right-of-Way (RoW) through Anmore, which was established nearly 60 years ago and bought for $1, AND, only signed by one property owner in Anmore without any Council, AND, at a time before the moon-landing when we had no personal computers, no internet, no cell phones, no Wi-Fi and no modern passenger jet-planes, BUT, going now through 1acre private properties currently worth ~$3,000,000 each;

- The fact that BC Hydro is overloading its current RoW and illegally expanding from acquired 66m to 75+m without mentioning to the public and property owners;

- The fact that BC Hydro will erect new large Monopoles with large required foundations in the middle of septic fields and close to 20m in front of people's living rooms on 1-acre private properties (see pictures);

- The fact that the new larger 40+m Monopoles are designed to have a weak point to tilt outside the RoW in case of an earthquake (according to BC Hydro Engineers) and most likely falling on people's homes 20m away, killing them instantly - such projects in earthquake country considered reckless in other countries around the world;

- The fact that their advertised terms “transposed phasing” or “optimum phasing” are correct for "some" cancellations of magnetic fields, BUT, that these technologies are nothing new and are standard procedures used everywhere for a long time, according to a former senior BC Hydro Engineer; (Moreover, BC Hydro's proposed active cancellation [like headphone noise cancellations], i.e. by shifting 180 degrees out-of-phase is not true, it is not possible and would be catastrophic based on the large power involved, also according to a former senior BC Hydro Engineer);

- The fact that BC Hydro, and the BC Ministries of MEM and Health do not indicate any responsibilities for the potential resulting health issues as well as enormous financial property losses in the future;

- The fact that Anmore residents voted and requested safe underground lines at the last open house with BC Hydro (June 23, 2016); BUT, BC Hydro is completely ignoring and going forward with their original plan of new overhead (not underground) high powered transmission lines through Anmore and Belcarra;

- The fact that safe underground lines costing only differential $26M (or much less), translating into only 0.09% of BC Hydro's reported assets, or into only 0.04% of their total annual revenue, or into only 4.47% of their net annual income (BC Hydro reports a net annual income of ~$600M every year; i.e., these costs will be paid in 15 days!);

- The fact that safe underground lines will avoid health risks to about 140 homes and 550-700 people, and in addition will avoid large financial property losses of up to $100M in Anmore alone;

- The fact of neglecting Engineering Ethics Codes to take responsibility and disallow any act which would potentially affect public health or safety - Code of Ethics APEG-BC, 14(A);

- The fact that Anmore has on average at least 1 power outage per month for about 4-6 hours due to overhead local power lines, translating into ~60h/yr, or ~1yr over lifetime (compared to ~0min in Europe);

- The fact that BC Hydro's new upgrade through Anmore, Belcarra and Burnaby into Vancouver has to be diverted across the inlet because the new line needs to be separate from the existing one, possibly crossing through untouched Parklands in Belcarra among others;

- The fact that BC Hydro promotes to build by going deep, planning to build new high voltage substations underground in Vancouver. "If the utility were 'only looking at it from a safety lens, it would prefer its substations to be underground", AND, that the BC Hydro's CEO further explained their offer to move the nearby downtown schools in terms of 'health and safety' concerns (!);

- The fact that BC Hydro's current infrastructure has enough energy for entire BC for the next half century, BUT, that the BC government currently spends billions of dollars for producing more electricity than needed AND sells that same amount of energy to the USA (~20% of total energy), AND sells that same amount of energy for less than half of the cost of its production (under the Columbia River Treaty between Canada and the USA):  (a) B.C. government gave a green light to proceed with the $8.8-billion Site C dam; (b) BC Hydro officials also noted that the project is well timed because of the large number of workers available; (c) The Columbia River Treaty:  

- The important fact that BC Hydro's communicators are using "correct terms with incompetent interpretations", do mostly not answer questions to the public, often invent answers, distract with out of context numbers, and that their goal is not to find a solution but to make people quiet (!);

- The fact that all eleven BC Hydro's Board Directors, who are collecting fees of the province’s utility the last fiscal year, have all records as one (and the same) party contributors or close associates of politicians. Some have business dealings impacted by business activities of BC Hydro (actual conflict of interest);

- The final fact to honestly answer the critical question: Does BC Hydro really care anything about health or is it primarily their own money that drives their policy? That is the main issue!


Therefore, Anmore strongly opposes the current "BC Hydro's Metro North Transmission Project"

- AND -

Anmore demands that the new projected high-powered transmission lines, including the existing ones, are buried safely underground, as its is projected for Burnaby going into Vancouver.

- -


Petition Lead:

- Dr. Urs Ribary,  Professor and BC Leadership Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience Childhood Health and Development, Director, Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience Institute, Simon Fraser University (SFU), University of British Columbia (UBC) and BC Children's Hospital;

- Marcus Schmieder, Engineer, PEng, M.IE&M;

- Evelyne Ribary, Co-founder and President, The Samanta S. Ribary Foundation (Charity supporting orphans and children in need).


This Letter is signed by affected and widely concerned residents who support this petition.

Anmore, February 4, 2017.


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