British Columbia separation / Western Alliance

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British Columbia is tired of

-divisive politicians
-highest taxes in Canada
-industry blockades to exports oil/forestry
-pointless regulations
-eastern favoured politics
-alienation from neighbouring provinces
-broken electoral systems
-most expensive fuel in Canada

There was a time where we were the “true north strong and free” but we have hit a turning point as a province and as a nation.

The western provinces have been continually ignored for nearly a hundred years in favour of the east. Another election has proven this!

Some of us have been fooled by smooth talkers, running for office provincially and federally.

Not all of us lean entirely right in this province, but what this petition boils down to is western unity and taking the next step to work closer together and have a strong independent republic that’s accommodating to ALL western provinces.

Let’s start believing the anthem again but with one small difference 

"The true Northwest strong and free"

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