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The B.C. Ferry Corporation wants to go ahead with this project and put in the longest cable ferry in the world, even though the vast majority of residents and other ferry users (and thus taxpayers who are the real shareholders of the Corporation) oppose it. There are unresolved issues regarding public safety, grave technical concerns. Jobs will be cut by half, which are critical to the local economy.

Letter to
Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Mr. Todd Stone
CEO - British Columbia Ferry Corporation Mr. Mike Corrigan
Whereas: BCFC has a stated goal for fleet interoperability but will create an “ “orphan” vessel on the Denman route.

Whereas: BCFC insists that it will be able to use the current vessel MV Quinitsa
as a relief vessel despite having NEVER trialed the ship on the
routes proposed and on which she will likely not be suitable.

Whereas: BCFC insists that reducing the crew from 6 to 3 (and removing all the
Licensed Officers) will still enable safe operation – to which we
the users say - NO THIS IS NOT SAFE.

Whereas: BCFC continues to ignore grave technical design concerns regarding
cable size, weather conditions in Baynes Sound and stability of the
proposed shallow draft vessel in wind, waves, tides and storms.


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