Pacific Standard Time in BC—All Year!

Pacific Standard Time in BC—All Year!

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Started by Poul Rasmussen

Let us keep Pacific Standard Time in BC—all year!

In June and July of 2019, the provincial government of British Columbia launched a poll if British Columbians would prefer year-round Daylight Saving Time or changing their clocks bi-annually. However, there was no option to answer Permanent Pacific Standard Time.

This petition corrects that.

Over a century ago, it was recognized that for people to function more efficiently in a globalized world, the requirement of a universal time standard was essential. In 1882, the process of establishing standard times around the world started.

Today, we are more globalized than ever, and adding the complexity of Daylight Saving Time is a step backwards. Working across several time zones is now-a-days challenging and it means that no matter what the clock says, you will have always to adapt your work schedule to accommodate each other.

If you want to start early, you just get up early and if you want to stay up late, you just go to bed late. Currently, about 70 countries observe Daylight Standard Time, but if Europe decides to discontinue daylight Saving Time next year, the number will be reduced to fewer than 45.

If British Columbia permanently adapts Daylight Saving Time, the province will essentially change time zones from Pacific Standard Time to Mountain Standard Time.

Noon is when the sun is highest in the sky—let's keep that way!

1,814 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!