Knickerbocker Slide Area Road Hazard

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For years now the Blackwater road traveling West of Quesnel, British Columbia has been slowly sliding into the Fraser River. The estimated depth of the pavement is said to be >15 feet deep, as they continue to repave this section of road. This section is known as Knickerbocker Slide area.

Over the last 3 weeks the largest slide section has dropped approximately 4-12 inches vertically which reduces travellers to stop and go at 10 km/h and often driving on the opposite side of the road to make it over without damaging vehicles. There are no lines on the road, the area is often heavily foggy at night, no guard rails and there is no lighting. The question remains when will some one end up driving over an edge and who will be held accountable for the negligence of the Highway.

In the fall I wrote letters to the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, Coralee Oakes and the mayor of Quesnel Bob Simpson. Resulting in no answers for the worried residents of the area. The alternative route is Pinnacles Road and it would be better compared to a winding goat trail just wide enough for 2 residential vehicles to pass safely. But thats not the case for this region of rural British Columbia. 

Logging trucks, gravel trucks, school buses, and approximately >1000 residential vehicles drive on the first 10 km of the Blackwater/Nazko Highway daily. As well, multiple First Nation communities including Nazko are located on the route in Question. So it is not feasible or safe for the Government and its representatives to assume that everyone should just "wait" and see.

Residents want answers, and they want to know if it will be safe for their kids to get to school in the morning. Or if they will get to work throughout the Community of Quesnel as Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, Aids, Careworkers, Social workers, farmers and public workers driving these roads daily. 

Quesnel is the fastest growing community in the Cariboo, with people moving from far across the province to enjoy the small town living on a manageable budget. People living and working here pay taxes and should be treated as so, by being provided with safe roadways.

Bouchie Lake in itself has been put on evacuation Alert with some regions of orders during the 2017 and 2018 wild fires. And with that in mind people need safe, fast and reliable roadways. Bouchie Lake is a beautiful community with a great country feel that is very warm and welcoming to new comers. But the people who live here deserve the same level of commitment from the province that all others get. 

The residents request answers and the province needs to be accountable for these rural roads. They need to do something before it is to late!



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