Rutland For Safe Neighbourhoods

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Rutland is becoming saturated with wet supportive housing facilities.  The current proposed on McCurdy and Rutland rd is in close proximity to four schools (300m to closest school), and totalling approximately 2700 students.  As a whole, we feel it is wrong to expect the Rutland community to be solely responsible for the majority of these facilities in Kelowna.  This new project has struck a nerve due to location, and lack of care for the families and children in the area.  The city council has passed this project without proper public consultation, and without any regard for the well being of our children and youth.  Having the potential increase in crime, drug use and or discarded drug paraphernalia, is the wrong thing to subject our vulnerable population to.  Making our children and youth uncomfortable with a simple walk to school or playing in their parks, is a part of childhood stripped away.  This project must be stopped immediately until proper research and public consultation can take place.  I ask our Premier John Horgan to appoint an ombudsman, in hopes of conducting an investigation as to how BC Housing and the Kelowna city council, passed this project.