British Columbia Climate Emergency

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Climate Emergency Petition

We the undersigned would like the British Columbia Government to declare a state of Climate Emergency. Once the declaration is in place, we ask that a Climate Emergency plan be created within a year. 

Background Information

“We are in a Climate Emergency, with climate change impacts already killing people and destroying ecosystems. The 900+ local councils globally that have declared a Climate Emergency and are developing climate emergency action plans for their community are providing the first ray of hope in an otherwise frightening time.”

(from the Action Network)

We the undersigned think the B.C. Climate Emergency Plan should include: 


Building more and safer bike lanes throughout all B.C. communities.
Funding to transition B.C. to zero carbon transportation (walking, biking, busing, trains, etc).

Industry, Buildings and Energy:

Investing in clean energy jobs.
Making a fair transition to a green, low carbon economy.
Transitioning all new and existing buildings towards a sustainable, zero carbon standard.


Investing in humanely and sustainably produced agriculture and animal proteins. 

This plan needs to use the latest IPCC science.  We are asking you to create the plan in a way that respects Indigenous rights. We need to flatten the curve of climate change and stay away from reaching 1.5 °c. Instead of B.C.’s existing goal of an 80% reduction of emissions from 2007 levels by 2050, the goal should be reducing carbon emissions to zero by 2050 if not sooner.