Stop House Cap on Agriculture Land in BC

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Agriculture Minister Lana Popham proposed Bill 52, the Agricultural Land Commission Amendment Act, which will limit houses on agriculture land to 5,400 square feet. The reasoning behind this is to encourage farm land to be used for agriculture purposes. However, this is not the way to encourage better use of agriculture land. The biggest issue of the houses taking too much space on farm land was when they were being built too deep into the property, but that was restricted to 25 feet. The furthest the house was allowed to be built from the main street was 25 feet into the property. By doing this, more land was already being saved and it was a fair compromise between farmers and legislation. Many farmers build houses on their properties in order to build a long-term future for their families on that land which encourages better farming on that land. This new Bill is punishing all the farmers due to a minority of farmers that take advantage of this. If you feel that this Bill is excessive, please sign this petition to stop Bill 52 from getting passed. Thank you.