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British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC): Stop appointing people with dwarfism to play negative and degrading roles

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Hate crime towards people with dwarfism is largely related to the negative media portrayal. It is also related to how people on television refer to people with dwarfism (recently Zoe Ball used 'midget' as a reference). Other disabilities are left alone, whilst it is still deemed as 'okay' to make a mockery of short statured people.

After a child watches an episode of the new show "Trapped" on CBBC (which features a person with dwarfism as an evil character) it must leave the child with a negative feeling towards small people.

CBBC also has a show called "Hoopla" where there is a character called 'Cyril', played by a person with dwarfism who jumps out of a bin and horrifies the children.

Being a person of dwarfism myself, I have had first hand experience of a child coming face-to-face with me, screaming and then running away. Other people have experienced the very same. There can be no denying that the BBC are leading children to believe short statured people are frightening.

There have been no recent positive representations of restricted growth people on the BBC channels, therefore young children with dwarfism are easily becoming targets of bullies who have not had any experience of being around a person of short stature.

It's very important, as it is with other disabilities, ethnicities and sexualities that there is not only a balance of representation, but people with dwarfism are shown in a more positive light, and less of such an evil, scary, negative character.

Anyone can give birth to a child with dwarfism. This is why it's very important to show people that it is not something to fear, but it is something to embrace.

The author of this petition does not endorse any UK association for people with dwarfism and is independantly working with a variety of groups to gain their support, therefore having an impartial view of this matter.

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