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I am a frequent flyer, for both business and leisure, and the recent trend of having to walk through Duty Free in order to access the Departure Gates is taking a serious toll on my health.

I suffer from Chemical Sensitivity and strong smells make me sick - I get an instant migraine, throw up and become unwell, which can last for up to 5 days after the event. In my case, this is classed as a disability, but I know plenty of people who are just sensitive to strong smells and who resent having to be forced to walk through perfumery departments and airport lounges.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention advocates the absence of chemicals, cleaning products or perfumes in places where we are required to spend time (workplaces, waiting areas, flights, public transport, etc) so maybe it's time to rethink the compulsory exposure of sensitive persons to fragrance. The same goes for passengers who purchase fragrance in Duty Free or on the flight and then proceed to try it on.

Please help us make the change and abolish the compulsory walk through a Departure Hall in close proximity of the Perfumery Stands as well as the sale of fragrance on flights! Passengers who wish to purchase these items will still have the option to do so in specially designated shops, and the rest of us can be spared the ordeal.