Remove the choice to recline seats on economy flights for the comfort of all.

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You're returning home, tired from the fun adventure that was your holiday. Or, your getting a flight to your partner office halfway around the world, and wanting to get some good rest before tomorrow's meeting. But of all the problems that could stand in your way, the biggest issue is when someone in front of you reclines back, and you are left with no leg room, no room to eat, and no room to really do anything.

"Why can't you the just recline back yourself?" Consideration for others. Why should the other person behind you then suffer? The only way it would work would be the whole row to recline, and some people may not want to, leading to arguments and overall chaos when airborne.

I had to experience this ordeal for the first time this week, and I can tell you, it was not pleasant. My legs were left to ache, and I had no sleep at all that night.

The person's argument against me when I politely asked if they could not recline, was this:

"I'm allowed to, so too bad."

And so, surely the solution to this dilemma is simple; remove the choice to recline. Airways could go through with this solution in multiple ways:

1) To simply lock the reclining function, and let nobody recline. This however is problematic as reclining helps people to sleep and simply removing functionality of the chair makes little sense.

2) A better option is to have set times for when all people can choose to recline. This time for example could be at night-time for the destination country, and would benefit all as encouraging sleep then would reduce the effects of jetlag. Additionally, people who wish to recline can for a time and people who don't can choose not to (however they should be aware they will have less space at that time). When this reclining time ends however, passengers could either be instructed to stop reclining, or the seats could automatically de-recline and lock.

This problem will inevitably affect all of us, but solutions (as I have pointed out) could put and end to it. No one deserves to be uncomfortable, and everyone deserves sleep. Thank you for reading, let's make this a reality!