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Safety Issues with BA planes to Ghana.

Good number of Ghanaians have experienced scary flights recently as a result of old planes used by BA.

I've experienced bad flights to Accra and back and vowed to choose other airlines

This is also coming from their own cabin crew members that, if we don't complain and stop flying they will not change the planes to Ghana as they are aware Ghanaians don't complain.

Please help spread this news on Facebook and other social media to stop flying BA until new planes are employed for our route.

KLM is better they have new planes to Ghana and most folks have given good feedback on their food and services.

Your safety comes first and if something happens up in the air, one has no chance but to die.

Kindly help spreading this news to stop flying BA until the old planes are changed.

Don't be deceived by direct flight to Accra and put your life at risk.

My conversation with Staff from BA was that, they have complained to management and they don't listen to them because Ghanaians haven't complained.

Most Ghanaians I know have changed their flights this festive season due to similar experience with BA.

They respect Nigerians, as a result, they fly from T5 and we fly from old T3.

Help spread this safety issue on all platforms as we are not fools anymore.

They charge us high fares for just 6hrs flight compared to other routes.

They give Nigerians 32kg and Ghanaians 23kg.

If you love your life don't ignore this message and spread it on all social media.