Get a British Airways Boeing 747-400 into a Museum

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Recently, British Airways announced their immediate retirement of the Boeing 747-400. This iconic aircraft has graced the skies for over 50 years. British airways was the largest operator of the 747-400 in the world  and the 747 was their unofficial flagship aircraft. 

It would be a great shame to see such an amazing aircraft go to waste without any being preserved in British Airways colours - this is why we’ve made this petition, to show British Airways, museums and other companies how interested we are in saving at least one of these Jumbos.

17 Concorde aircraft were preserved and 8 currently reside in the UK with British Airways colours. So Why couldn’t at least one 747 be taken care of somewhere in the UK? 

If you care about the 747 and would be interested in seeing one taken care of by a museum, please sign this petition and show your support. With your support we can save the 747 and make a change.

Thanks all. ~ Boeing 747 Fan Club