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Ban the Transportation of Hunting Trophies

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Africa's wildlife is in dire, urgent need and British Airways must take more accountability to safeguarding endangered & exploited wildlife such as Elephants, Rhinos, Lions, Leopards, Cheetah, Pangolins and many more species.

Are British Airways really going to continue to facilitate hunters being able to hunt these ENDANGERED species whilst they continue to be PLUNDERED from Africa's land?

As poaching escalates (currently higher than ever before) and hunting continues (of both wild & captive animals), we are losing far too much of our wildlife to justify allowing hunters to take home their trophies - of these same endangered animals.

We need iconic companies as BA to make a stand, not to sit on the fence and bow to hunting groups who force their will upon others... this is about Africa and its heritage, its wildlife, which is currently being hugely exploited.

Tourists flock to Africa to see the beautiful animals, how can you support the killing of them?

We do not live in the past, a past when hunting a Lion was accepted as an "adventure", or a past when shooting an Elephant was part of an "African Safari" - these days are long gone. Africa cannot afford to lose any more Lions or Rhinos or Elephants or Leopards or Cheetah or Pangolin.

So please HELP Africa's wildlife before it's too late - banning hunting trophies will not only help these endangered species, but will also safeguard against improper transport and mis-declared wildlife items .. as we have recently seen with South African Airways banning hunting trophies due to items being falsely declared and marked as something else in order to transport endangered wildlife parts. British Airways cannot allow themselves to be in the position of receiving fines and sanctions should this happen.

Trophy hunters speak of their contribution to conservation and communities, when in fact eco-tourism is the biggest generator of income for Africa. In fact less than 3% of hunting revenue actually makes it to communities -

So why are British Airways continuing to facilitate and aid the transportation of hunting trophies, when in fact these trophies are benefiting only one person - the hunter.

Give back to wildlife British Airways and support ethical tourism, it's the only way forward for Africa and her wildlife we cherish so much.

If you do this, British Airways will once again be a leading company. A company looked upon favourably by travellers and a company who's foundation is built on being ethical in today's environment.

British Airways, we implore you to follow the brave, ethical and correct example set recently by Emirates SkyCargo and South African Airways, by BANNING ALL HUNTING TROPHIES OF ENDANGERED SPECIES IMMEDIATELY.

Thank you.


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