Equal representation for all health care workers

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First and Foremost I want to Thank the many General Practitioners, Specialists and Nurses for everything they are doing for B.C During Covid-19.
I want to be clear, this is not an Employment standards issue.
This is strictly a Provincial Government of B.C and Regional Health Authority Petition to recognize the Medical Office Assistants of B.C as Essential and Front line workers, who should qualify for the Pandemic Pay top up.

Did you know that your Medical Office Assistant is at risk of Covid-19 every day they walk into work?!
Did you also know that, that very same MOA does not qualify for the Health workers Pandemic pay top up because the Dr is paid “Fee for service”
How is this fair?
The employees working in your local GPs office are at risk every day.
The medical offices are still seeing face to face patients. Patients that need more than a Telehealth or Virtual visit are being seen in offices every day, whether it’s a patient with a cough they have had for several weeks, ear pain or an injured joint. Regardless of what comes through the doors, the Medical office staff have no clue who these patients have been in contact with and what risk they are bringing into the clinic.

Please help me, help all the MOAs in Northern BC get what they deserve. These ladies and gentlemen have to come into work every day knowing that they are putting themselves and their families at risk, like any other healthcare worker at this time. A medical office assistant does not just answer the phone, they do measure ie., taking temperatures, blood pressure, putting patients in rooms, faxing lab/imaging reqs, sending referrals, and now top to bottom cleaning making sure that the waiting rooms and exam rooms are safe and sterilized for the next person walking in the door. They have to deal with patients walking in off the street, whether that is senior from down the street, or a homeless person that has no way to book appointments other than to come in. Medical office assistants deserve to be treated like everyone one else that is high risk and essential. They deserve to be respected and recognized as Health care Essential workers. Without the Medical Office Assistant at the desk of your Drs. office, how would the Drs be able to help the patients that need him/her most?
When your MOAs has to wear goggles, gloves, mask, face shields and gowns, this tells me that they are Health Care essential! If I as a patient sees the risk they are at, then why did the BC Government and John Horgan miss this?
Show support for your Local Medical Office Assistants. Without them who would take our calls, be your listening ear and be a caring voice when almost everyone is struggle with the daily “ New normal”
Lets appreciate them! Because, even though they are hiding behind all that PPE.... They still have a smiling face ️