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Recharge, Refocus and Rejuvenate our Community by Bringing Back February & April Vacation

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It is with tremendous humility and respect that we come together in regards to scheduling spring vacations. While keeping an open mind and carefully considering various options, we have collected our thoughts as a community. Below you will find various considerations when thinking about scheduling a school vacation. 

Goal 1: To keep students and staff physically healthy.

Concerns: Many students and staff are often sick during the month of February and March.  During a February vacation, custodians are able to thoroughly clean schools and eliminate the spread of illnesses. Without this break during February, this cleaning is unable to take place. 

Goal 2: To keep students and staff mentally healthy. 

Concerns: Both students and teachers are experiencing high levels of stress without a break in sight.  Students and teachers feel rejuvenated when they have ample breaks. 

Goal 3: To allow quality time with families. 

Concerns: Families are unable to schedule a common vacation, particularly if they are a parent that teaches in another school district.  For example, a parent that is a Cranston teacher will have no common vacation days with their child(ren) that live in Bristol-Warren. Possible outcomes may include:

a. Parents that are teachers taking time off to be with their child(ren).

b. Parents that are teachers having to pay for childcare because they are unable to spend time at home with their child(ren). 

c. Students being taken out of class (from one day to an entire week) to go on a vacation, resulting in teachers having to reteach lessons.

d. Students being taken out of class during different weeks, again resulting in teachers reteaching lessons. 


 Goal 4: To keep students and staff in school during school days. 

Concerns: Students and teachers are taking "mental health days" more frequently due to a long stretch without a break. 

 As mentioned above, these are some considerations that have been taken into account while looking objectively at spring vacations. It is our firm belief that February vacation (an added three days) be reinstated and April vacation remain in place. 

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