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Petitioning Organisational Development Manager Christian Carter and 8 others
This petition was delivered to:
Organisational Development Manager
Christian Carter
Staff Development Manager
Clare Brophy
Staff Development Manager
Dr Alison Leggett
Staff Development Manager
Sarah McCowen
Staff Development Manager
Kemi Oladapo
Student Systems and Information Office
Ms Petra Armitage-Smith
Clive Orchard
Faculty Manager
Stephen Brooke
Senior Executive Assistant
Helen Jones

Bristol University: Stop silencing women

Bristol University's Christian Union bans women from speaking at meetings. This is a horrible offence against women's rights and it turns out this is an improvment from the way things used to be!

Help us stop Bristol University from oppressing women!

Letter to
Organisational Development Manager Christian Carter
Staff Development Manager Clare Brophy
Staff Development Manager Dr Alison Leggett
and 6 others
Staff Development Manager Sarah McCowen
Staff Development Manager Kemi Oladapo
Student Systems and Information Office Ms Petra Armitage-Smith
Dean Clive Orchard
Faculty Manager Stephen Brooke
Senior Executive Assistant Helen Jones
Stop silencing women at Bristol University.