Install a Physical Barrier on Goldenridge Drive to protect Neighborhood homes and pets

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On this past New Year’s Eve, my grandparents were subjected to a horrible accident: a person drove too fast around a curve, drove over the curb and drove into their living room. The damage to the home was unimaginable, and in the process it injured my grandfather and tragically took the life of their rescue puppy, Daisy. 


They lost their best friend and companion, and were displaced from their home for 5 months. They are still trying to recoup their monetary losses and attempting to return to normalcy in a home that was shattered. 

This, sadly, is not an isolated event. Cars have driven on to their lawn twice in the past year they have lived there. According to the previous resident, they had two similar incidents in the last 4 years they lived there. My grandparents were unaware of this when they moved in. 

We are asking for Bristol township to install a physical barrier ( like a guardrail, wall, etc.) to prevent this from happening again. Please share. 

Watch and read about their story here:


“Today, both Mary and Jim continue to recover from the emotional and physical trauma of the crash, which claimed the life of their beloved yellow Lab, Daisy. The dog, who raced out of the house during the chaos, was struck and killed by another vehicle near Edgely Road. It took some four months to repair the home, which sustained heavy damage. The driver, 23-year-old Edward O’Brien, had overdosed on heroin, police said. He is now serving a prison sentence.”