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We, the shoppers of Bristol, ask you, the retailers, to join the Close the Door Campaign and save energy by closing your doors when your heating or air conditioning is on.

Shops waste up to 50% of their energy through open doors. *See research from Cambridge University

Closed doors also dramatically decrease the amount of outside air pollution drawn into shops on busy streets, reducing a serious long term risk to staff of lung and heart disease from small particulate pollution. See research from Edinburgh University, British heart foundation, Imperial College and Kings college London (bottom of page:

Closing the door works for business, as thousands of shops across the country of all types and sizes have found without suffering a drop in profit; in fact they report that customers are more comfortable and stay longer, while their energy costs are cut. We want Bristol shops to be profitable and trading healthily, in every respect. The simple measure of closing the door works for retailers, staff, customers, the community - and the climate. Find out more at

We the undersigned will be more, not less, likely to shop with you if you Close the Door!



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