Please help prolong my dad’s life! Sign For Time!

Please help prolong my dad’s life! Sign For Time!

8 February 2022
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Started by Georgina Dimambro

Please help!
Two years ago, my father was diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis and Emphysema. Since this diagnosis he has had many tests such as lung function tests, walking tests and CT scans. But most recently after his latest CT Scan he was given the devastating news that his condition has declined progressively. From diagnosis the life expectancy of someone with his condition would be 2-5 years. Again, he was diagnosed 2 years ago! You can imagine how devastated we all are.
His consultant who is located at Southmead Hospital, Bristol informed him there is a drug called Nintedanib that could prolong his prognosis from 1-3 years to 6-10 years. He is only 64 years old so what a difference that would make, she also said he IS eligible for it.

But following that, he was then informed that this drug is not available to him, as his condition does not fall in to the right category. Therefore, North Bristol Trust cannot currently prescribe it! This is an inequality of treatment provision. Dad has a progressive lung fibrotic disease. Because of the progression this does not fall in to the category of IPF. Patients with lung diseases who do fall in to that category can get the treatment we are after. 

A recent study has shown that my father's condition should absolutely fall into the IPF category however, North Bristol Trust are reluctant to accept this due to resources. If they were to open up the IPF category slightly, it would mean a whole new wide range of patients who could benefit and they are saying they simply do not have the resources. They do not have the staff or time. So this is what is stopping my dad receive the treatment that could prolong his life.

My dad has a wife, 3 adult children, 10 grandchildren, (20’s and younger) and 2 great-grandchildren as well as lots of extended family. We understand that the NHS has been under strain for some time now but as a family this is something we are going to fight to change. Not just for my dad but for all the others out there who could be in this same position.
So, I am writing this today pleading with each and every one of you to sign this petition to help us fight our battle to make this Nintedanib available to any one that needs it and for the North Bristol Trust to open up that category. Not only for my dad but for all the others out there who may be in the same boat.

Taking that time to sign this petition could potentially give myself and my family extra time with the special man in our lives. No, it won’t cure him, but it will give him the chance to hopefully watch his grandchildren graduate from Uni, get married, buy their first homes and have their own babies.
Please. Please. Sign.


This petition made change with 633 supporters!

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