Drop the criminal case against my autistic and intellectually disabled son

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My son Brett has autism and intellectual disabilities.  After an incident at his group home, Brett was inexplicably charged with four counts,including assault. We have no idea if the group home followed his behavior plans,if they followed his transportation plans, if they gave him his medication as instructed, and if they properly disclosed the extent of his disabilities to the first responders. No investigation of the group home was ever undertaken.  

Brett was taken by police car to the local er. I was finally called by the group home to notify me of the incident two hours later.  I was told by hospital staff that law enforcement wanted to 'take Brett in', meaning lock-up.  I was very scared for Brett.  They wouldn't let me see him until about 20 minutes after I arrived.  I didn't know what was happening to him or if he was still at the hospital.  I didn't know if they were going to arrest him. When I said, "no one is allowed to question him.  He's under guardianship. You need a guardian's permission.", then they finally let me in.  Brett was happy to see his mom after sitting in an er room by himself for 2 hours.

Brett has already been deemed  mentally incapacitated by several judges.  He is under guardianship. The Bristol County DA Thomas Quinn insisted on prosecuting this case, irregardless of the volume of paperwork presented to him regarding Brett's inability to form intent.  A judge dismissed the charges against Brett.  Now the District Attorney is appealing on  what they claim is a procedural error.  Brett is a true innocent and can not be sent to prison or institutionalized in a house-of-horrors like Bridgewater State Hospital. 

 His family loves him so much.  He touches the hearts of everyone that meets him.  He volunteers(with me) to help animals.  The world needs Brett Reich in it.   Brett's mom Carrie

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