To make the Avon river in Bristol town centre safe from people jumping or falling in.

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This should of been done years ago, Too many people have lost their lives in the city centre river.

Thick glass, barriers, or walls with viewing points should be built around the edge of the river. Atleast something more than 3 foot tall railings with gaps in them every so often. 

Numerous people go on nights out in town or walk through town intoxicated after a party or a night out. Why has nothing been done yet? A 17 year old lost their life last night (08/07/19||||09/07/19) 

It's easier said than done to be safe there when you're intoxicated and this has to end now. Think of the families and friends who are hurting because of these tragedies, think how long the emergency services take to respond and arrive to a distress call to the river, because by the time they get there, it's too late.

Something needs to be done now, this can happen to anyone, anytime, intoxicated or sober, All it takes is a little slip, fall or to be simply messing about with friends for an accident like this to happen. There's so many things that can lead to more accidents like this, it needs to change now.

It's not as easy as just "don't jump in" or "don't get too close" accidents happen all the time, things go through people's heads especially intoxicated people. Whether they dropped something in the river, get dared or just think about jumping in for whatever reason. Something to be done about it before anyone else loses someone close to them.