Stop Bristol City Council from Closing Bristol's Strip Clubs

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Bristol is home to two SEVs (Sexual Entertainment Venues) better known, as Strip Clubs. These clubs are owned by a Woman, employ approximately 100 workers and are in good standing with Avon and Somerset Police, Bristol Nightlife and The Bristol Association of Restaurants, Bars and Independent Establishments (BARBIE). The SEVs are currently capped at two in Bristol City Centre.

As these two SEV licences have come up for renewal, fringe anti-Sex Worker groups have come forward and, with the backing of Bristol West MP Thangham Debbonaire and Bristol East MP Kerry McCarthy, are calling for a NIL CAP ON SEV LICENCES, effectively closing Bristol's two strip clubs.

We believe that SEX WORK IS WORK and that Strippers need to be protected the same as any worker. These groups use falsehoods, fear mongering and lies to back up their nil cap proposal. They say that these clubs cause the men who attend them to act violently. This is totally without merit and is false.

These clubs are safe, well managed and we work there by CHOICE. We choose to work there because we:

* Like the financial autonomy

* Enjoy dance

* Can work around childcare arrangements

* Can work around higher education schedules

We believe that closing clubs that could otherwise be open and thriving, robbing Women are their livelihoods after living through a pandemic and facing limited work opportunities is cruel and unethical.

We are asking you to STAND WITH SEX WORKERS and sign this petition to tell Bristol City Council to KEEP THE CLUBS OPEN.


Artwork by Lindsay Hattrick