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Thanks to all supporters so far, I never thought we'd reach the support that we have. But we have reached the end of the road, and we need one final push to secure victory. The planning committee to make a decision on whether planning permission should be granted for Lakota to be converted into residential use is quietly going ahead via an online meeting (this Wednesday, 29th April) despite the lock-down. Unlike in a normal physical meeting, members of the public will not be allowed to sit in and make an in person statement and thanks to the lock-down we are not able to hold a physical demonstration. It is the shared opinion of our campaign that this meeting being held in such circumstances is highly undemocratic, and so we need your help to petition councillors, alert the press and make a fuss: we can not let lock-down silence us.I've attached below information about the committee meeting. Please email any and all objections to and don't hesitate to contact your local councillors and the mayor himself A very helpful guide to writing a planning objection can be found here: Hopefully a last minute show of support can help persuade the policymakers that there are reasons for the denial of this request. Solidarity

Save Lakota
2 years ago